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The CW Awards: Who Won?
Misha Collins by a landslide. The Supernatural star earned 55% of the vote. David Ramsey was second… at 11%.
Emily Bett Rickards took this honor with 52% of the vote. Of the other nominees, only Candice Accola (32%) broke double digits.
Nina Dobrev takes it. The Vampire Diaries star garnered 37% of the vote in a relatively narrow victory of Kristin Kreuk of Beauty and the Beast.
Jensen Ackles… by a hair! The Supernatural stud beat out Ian Somerhalder by less than one percent, 34.9% to 33.5%.
This was a three-way race: Arrow earned 20% of the over 9,500 votes cast; The Vampire Diaries clocked in at 21%; and Supernatural reigned supreme at 24%.

(via ikoiako)

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